Success in all its meaning

Link the success of your company
to the success of our environment

As a business you can play a key role in the fight against deforestation and climate change. Big or small, companies all over the world are changing the way we live. To protect our climate, all it takes is to get involved.

By linking your product and services to trees, each time you succeed, the planet does as well.

Don't be shy

Nobody expect companies to change in one day. The path towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint to zero may be a long one. But this is no excuse to wait that something miraculous happen. If we want change to happen, we need to create it. What matters is to start with no delay.

Be a leader

Show the example of how a sustainable company should behave. Your influence won’t stop with just your trees because Tree-Nation has been specially designed to leverage influence. When you offer a tree, expect more trees to spring.

The Economist started offering trees to its customers 3 years ago and, as a true leader, it influeced its customers to do the same. Every day we receive messages from The Economist customers who decide to engage their respective companies to start planting as well.


Let's plant together

We make it easy

Fast and Furious

Our job is to make it easy for individuals and companies to get involved. We know you should focus on your core business. That’s why we work hard to make your involvement a quick and simple process.

You won’t need a manual or any special training to start planting. It’s simply simple. If any doubt call +34 931 620 033 and get an immediate answer. Try it now!


In less than 5 minutes you will be ready to plant trees. What truly matters are not the long hours spent on meetings with us but your will to plant trees years long.


Companies join Tree-Nation because they know that there is no better way to take care of their brand than with taking care of the planet.

Trees do speak

You may communicate

You can climb on your rooftop with a megaphone to say you plant trees. It’s important because more people need to follow your example. We have only one rule: do not spend more on advertising you plant trees than in planting the trees themselves.

Because we prefer you to spend your money on something that last a very long time, we designed our platform to advertise your action for you. Already 100,000 users will notice your action. Our trees connect to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… who said trees can’t talk!


Our tree planting plans

Here is what you can do

Each plan includes your own Corporate Forest with all your trees in it and the tracking of all your CO2 emissions offsets.

Direct Planting

Offer trees to clients & employees

from 3 €
  • Plant trees at your rhythm, one by one or by batches.
  • Trees offered Via Tree-Nation email or you can download gift cards.
    (to be printed)

Become a sponsor and offer trees to Tree-Nation citizens

from 100 €
  • Participate in the vibrant Tree-Nation community and offer trees to its active users.
  • Trees offered Via our Seeds© system.
    Learn more

Automatic Planting

Offer trees to your clients through our Tree-App

from 25 €
  • Our API allows you to generate trees instantly from your web/app and with no human interaction.

This option is not yet available

Offer trees monthly to your employees

from 10 €/month
  • An easy and effective tool to offset all your company CO2 emission. This plan sends a tree gift to your employees at the same time.
  • Trees offered Via Tree-Nation email

Become a monthly sponsor and offer trees to Tree-Nation citizens

from 20 €/month
  • Fix the amount of CO2 you want to offset, or trees you want to plant on a monthly basis. Let the magic do the rest.
  • Trees offered Via our Seeds© system.

You can use one or various plans. You can change
anytime. You can stop anytime.

Fair for everybody

3 €

Don’t worry, you can say your boss you got our best price. Because we want to treat each client with the same fairness, our price is equal whether you can afford to plant few or many trees.
Good for the tree

Remember that planting a tree is great, but you also want this tree to live healthily and productively for many many years.

Good for the planter

With this price we also ensure fair wages and healthy conditions for our planters.

On the Internet you can find cheaper or more expensive.
The price we established with our planters is to unsure very good planting conditions

The best support


1 phone number to get an immediate answer on any question you could have:

+34 931 620 033

From 9 AM to 6 PM (GMT)

And a contact box as well:

Imagine how many trees we can plant together

Our partners

They entrusted us with their trees

We are very honored by the trust and loyalty in supporting our reforestation projects we received from some of the best brands on the planet.
Thanks guys!